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Your confidence is very important for us; therefore apart from a number of selected clients who have allowed us to publish their identity, we never publish a list of all our major clients. If you become our client, you can be absolutely sure that your name will not be used for marketing purposes.

Our permanent clients include a number of state administration bodies, large international companies, many small and medium enterprises and law firms. If you need more specific references, we are able to provide on request a list of clients that we work with and who have given consent to be referred to in such cases.

AEGON Slovakia

“We can give a very positive evaluation to our cooperation with Euro VKM. In addition to the high quality and prompt delivery of translations we are satisfied with the way in which their employees accommodate our requirements.” Oľga Brnková, AEGON Slovakia

Asseco Central Europe, a. s.

“We are pleased with our cooperation with Euro VKM and appreciate their speedy and prompt services.” Monika Sládečková, Asseco Central Europe, a.s.

Colt International, s. r. o.

“We have been using the translation services of Euro VKM s. r. o. for about a year. We are satisfied with their services because the staff are very accommodating. We can always relay on their fast and high-quality work. We firmly believe that our satisfaction will continue in future…” Ing. Ondrej Uher, Technical support, Colt International, s. r. o.

Grayling Slovakia, s. r. o.

“There are currently a wide range of translation and interpretation services available on the market. Even so, it is hard to choose an agency that satisfies not only our expectations but also those of our clients. We provide communication and consultation services for international companies and we are often in contact with our head office abroad. When providing press information it is crucial to ensure accuracy in the terminology used in the original foreign language material.
Professionalism, obligingness, promptness and at the same time quality of the text are the main advantages of Euro VKM, which have significantly reduced the time we have to spend checking translated press materials.“ Peter Fecko, Country Manager, Grayling Slovakia, s. r. o.

Holcim Slovensko, a. s.

“In working with the agency Euro VKM we particularly appreciate the speed, flexibility and quality of the services they provide.” Andrea Krajniaková, Communication Manager, Holcim Slovensko, a. s.

Vodax, a. s.

“We have been working with Euro VKM for over 10 years. Translations are carried out accurately, by the agreed deadlines and what is most important, the agency has always managed to accommodate our requirements even when we needed officially certified translations, urgent deadlines or other special services. For us this agency is completely reliable, otherwise we would not have stayed loyal to them for so long.” Ing. Eva Durecová, Marketing Manager, Vodax, a. s.

SLOVAKIA, s. r. o.

“As a member of the international Daimler group, we live in a multilingual world. The basic requirement for good communication with all our customers, suppliers, owners, other partners and last but not least, the general public, is to find a common language, and not just in the linguistic sense. Achieving this objective is impossible without the accurate transfer of information between the languages in which we communicate. For a number of years Euro VKM, s. r. o. and their employees and freelancers have played an integral role in our information flows. We continuously evaluate the quality of Euro VKM s. r. o. as a service provider and the quality of their services in comparison with other providers of translation and interpretation services. The conclusion of our evaluation is that no other provider of translation services is so accurately characterised by the attribute “professionalism”. In our day-to-day cooperation with Euro VKM s. r. o., their employees and their freelancers, this professionalism is manifested as:
Integrity - reflected by adherence to all the written and unwritten rules of the commercial relationship; in other words, Euro VKM do what they say and say what they do.
Reliability - reflected above all in the meeting of agreed deadlines, without reduction in the quality of the services provided.
Transparency - reflected in the mutual openness of communication between partners.
Obligingness - reflected in the fact that if it is remotely possible, Euro VKM, s. r. o. will do everything to ensure their customers are satisfied.
Constructiveness - reflected in an approach to problem solving with a common objective, to ensure that both partners are satisfied.
Quality of services - reflected in the fact that Euro VKM, s. r. o. is able to satisfy our requirements and expectations for quality like no one else.” Peter Kadlec, Logistics & Quality Management, Mercedes-Benz Slovakia, s. r. o.

SLOVAKIA, s. r. o.

“We appreciate our excellent cooperation with you, the promptness of translations, your enthusiasm and your friendly and accommodating approach to clients." Residence Slovakia, s. r. o.

TECHO, s. r. o.

“We are satisfied with the services of Euro VKM; we highly appreciate in particular the quality of the translations provided and their conformity with standard terminology. A great advantage is the fast and efficient communication and one hundred percent hit rate for our most urgent deadlines.” Mgr. Peter Pikuliak, TECHO, s. r. o.